The purpose of our dress code is to remind students that they represent their school and to reinforce the idea that they are coming to school to learn. Any student arriving at school who is not in complete uniform must present a written excuse signed by a parent/guardian, to the principal’s office or may risk being sent home.


  •  Blue Kimono, white blouse, black closed shoes and navy blue socks
  • Official Wear: blue kimono, white blouse, white shoes, white socks.

SPORTS: White pleated skirts, white or black shorts, white T-shirt with school logo on left side, white socks and white sneakers.

SHOES & ACCESSORIES: Only closed shoes are allowed for school. Sunglasses, caps, stockings shall not be used.

  • Chains, make up, nail polish, nail extensions, elaborate hairstyles – including extensions (braids and weaves), locks, tints and jerry curls are forbidden. Students should not wear jewelry except a simple pair of earrings (one in each ear). A simple wristwatch may be worn by all students.


For school outings, when students are not required to wear the school uniform, they may wear other appropriate clothing. Students should avoid wearing clothing that is revealing, indecent or otherwise inappropriate for the occasion. The administration reserves the right to refuse to allow students who are inappropriately dressed on school outings or extra curricula activities.

  •  Students are not allowed to eat or drink during class hours except in special cases and permission by teacher. At no time is chewing gum permitted on the school premises.