• Every student shall attend classes regularly and punctually and participate in the educational programmes in which she is enrolled. Students should arrive well on time i.e. 7:50a.m.
  • Students are expected to remain on the school premises for the duration of the school day unless they are participating in official school activities held outside of the school premises. Students who need to leave the school compound during school hours must get permission from the school administration on presentation of a written request from parent/guardian.
  • Students are allowed to play on the school grounds after school hours only for organized groups who have games under the supervision of their leaders.
  • Any student absent from school other than a student on official school activity must present a written excuse signed by her parent/guardian immediately upon her return to school. A student may be given a zero for unreasonable or planned absences during tests.
  • On arriving at school, students are expected to enter the schoolyard and not linger by or around the school gate. At the first sound of the bell, students ‘freeze’ and at the second sound of the bell students walk SILENTLY to their respective lines.
  • The gate will close at 8:30a.m. and open at 12:45p.m.